We help brands change the way people think

New is not enough

Yes, innovation is new, but that’s not all it is. If your brand isn’t useful, it’s not innovative.

How many things do you encounter every week that are announced as new? And how many of those are actually innovative? To be useful, for any product or service, requires a connection to a market.

That’s what we do. We create solutions that get people to sit up, take notice, and turn to the possibility of better.

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Connecting brands with people

Truth is magic

It’s hard to get people to change their behavior. Everyone is already doing something else. By connecting the core truth of your brand with the deepest concerns of your audience, our method positions the brand as the answer to a question your prospects are already asking.

How to Market Innovation

concerns of the audience + core truth of the brand core truth of the brand concerns of the audience

The New and the Useful

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